Maristan House

Maristan House

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We visited Ghana for the 4th time in November or 2013.  It was wonderful to see the progress being made in the construction of the village including the school and the children's home.  It is obvious that the enrollment of children has been more than anticipated indicating a real need for a substantial addition to be constructed.  It is so encouraging to know that children who had no opportunity for an education previously are able to attend a school that actually has resources available through the generous support of many donors including Wellesley Public School families.

On this trip we were able to initiate the construction of Roger's Playland, a playground for children beside the new school.  It is the only one in this whole vicinity and will be a great place for children who have no toys to play and get some exercise.  The children's home, Maristan House, is in the last phase of completion which includes flooring, windows, doors and ceilings.  The hope is for children to be able to move into this home by January of 2014.  It was been painted a cheerful colour of green during our stay in Ghana.  

We had a large donation made to enable farmland to be purchased and utilized to ultimately support this whole project through it's proceeds.  It is to be called Selma's Plantation. Additionally, several generous donations are enabling a much needed Pediatric Clinic to be constructed.  

Fostering Children is a privilege!  Children make life an adventure and the impact your love and care can have on the life of a child is gift that will keep on giving.  The future of a child is profoundly changed when they are given a home and family who care, love and give boundaries and appropriate discipline. Can you expand your boundaries and include a child in your life?

Dug Well

After attemping to install a dug well, it became apparent that a drilled well would be required.  At this time, the dug well has dirty water that cannot be used for drinking or washing.

Our goal is to raise an additional $4,500.00 to complete this essential project the total cost of which is $7,300.00.  

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